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Winter is Coming!

Stay Warm and Minimize Your Heating Costs with these Quick Tips. 

Plan ahead. Contractors start getting busy when homeowners start turning on their furnaces for the first time of the season. The best time to prepare your furnace for the upcoming months is in Fall when you are winterizing your outdoor HVAC unit. This way you can address all issues and repairs before you are in serious need of heat. Patrick’s Heating & Cooling Supply can supply you will all replacement parts needs, whether it’s time to replace the entire system or you just need a quick repair.

Check your thermostat settings. If your thermostat remains at one constant temperature, you are missing an opportunity to save approximately 10% on your energy bill. Programmable thermostats allow you to lower the temperature while you’re away. Our favorite is the Sensi Touch Wifi Programmable Thermostat for SmartHome, where you can set, change and schedule your thermostat from across the room or across the country using the intuitive mobile app for complete control. 

Change your furnace air filter. Dust and dirt buildup will cause the heating system to work harder, leading to costly maintenance and even early system failure. By changing your air filter when it’s dirty (or at least every three months, one a month if you have allergies or pets), you will cut down on the cost of utilities and stay warm.

Get those ceiling fans going. Hot air rises, so run your ceiling fan in reverse to bring it back down to floor level.

Give vents the all clear. Move all furniture and belongings away from your heating vents, so they can deliver all that heat that you're paying for.

Check for leaks. Don’t lose 30% of your warm air due to leaks, holes, or poor connections in your forced-air heating ducts. Seal the ducts with HVAC aluminum foil tape if there are no mold or moisture problems. While you’re at it check windows and doors for leaks too. 

Invest in a more efficient furnace system. According to the Department of Energy, a high efficiency furnace can dramatically reduce utility bills by 50 percent. If your existing furnace operates at 70 percent AFUE and you replace it with a 95 percent efficiency system, you will be increasing the energy efficiency of over 25 percent. If your heating bill averages $100 a month, there is a potential cost savings of $312 annually. Pair your new, high efficiency furnace with a zoning control or programmable thermostat to achieve an even higher efficiency level. 

**Remember that DIY solutions only go so far. When in doubt, contact a HVAC professional. The material in this article is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. We advise you to conduct your own research and/or seek the advice of a qualified professional with regard to your specific circumstance before you take action. **


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